Versatile roles, fulfilling careers

Are you looking for an exciting job with a Migros Group company? M-Industry is an attractive employer with interesting opportunities for development at all levels. M-Industry is committed to providing fair working conditions and offers above-average social benefits.


M-Industry unifies diverse career options

With over 14,000 employees, including 554 apprentices in 30 different trades and professions, M-Industry is one of Switzerland’s leading employers. M-Industry employs marketing managers, specialists in human resources, and professional buyers and sellers, as well as logistics specialists, delivery drivers, lab technicians, bakers and operational staff, to name but a few.


Opportunities for career development at all levels

M-Industry trains hundreds of apprentices every year and provides school leavers with exciting opportunities to enter the working world. This also includes a company-wide, two-year trainee programme, providing a comprehensive insight into different food and near food production departments and processes. Thanks to the diversity of companies and job profiles, M-Industry offers excellent opportunities for development. Career planning is actively supported by M-Industry.

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